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While there are dozens of ways to get into shape we really feel that strength training is one of the best fitness programs you can choose. I our private gym we can adjust and manipulate free weight exercises and different angles to specifically target your trouble spots. No other sport offers the ability to strengthen and tone every single muscle on your body!>

If you want to change your life it going to be a combination of doing the most effective things on the planet for creating change. No body has the time with our busy lives. We need to get into the gym and get our fitness Program dones as efficiently as possible. HIIT is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to burn fat fast!

If you want to lose weight or tone up right here in Burlington then a total lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition program is exactly what you need. You need a way to challenge your muscles as much as you can. You need a fitness program that offers resistance, variety and challenge so you don’t get bored, you don’t out grow it and it’s always novel and fun!

At the same time your fitness program needs to includes nutrition also. While you may stimulate your body during your exercise its your nutrition that aids the recovery and helps to restore homeostasis inside your body. Your Fitness and Wellness program has to help you come back to your most natural state.

Your fitness needs to be personalized for you and your level committment and your current strength, endurance and conditioning. Your personal goals need to taken into consideration when we are designing your program. Your nutrition needs to be functional for you. We need to customize your nutrition.

When your body is most Alkaline your fat will disapear fast. You old aches and pain will vanish. Your mood will be the most happy. Happiness is the true judge of your health. Happiness is your nature. When you are happy your energy and vitality are highest. Happiness is the expresion of your best health. When you are happy with your fitness and wellness program you won’t have any trouble sticking with it.

When you are most happy, lean, strong and healthy it’s going to spill over into the rest of your life. When you are in a good energetic space you will attract more opportunities and the most ideal circumstances into your life.

Take a mind body spirit approach to your fitness program this time. Work with a Personal training program that includes orgranized strength training sessions at conveinient times during the day. Get into a fitness prgram that also includes nutrition and mindset. Realize how much of your energy is connected to the thoughts you have inside of your head. Work with a coach that can help you to really bring the best out of you and your entire life!

Let’s arrange a free trial transformation session. Just click the appropriate link below to get registered. We can have some talk time. We can discuss the program details more completely and you can have an opportunity to test drive the program for free and see if you life it.

Register for a free trial session below. Dora or I will follow up with some email or text message contact with you. We can arrange a conveinient time for the both of us. I want to know what’s stopped you from being successful in the past! I want to help you be successful in the next 90 days, 180 days or over the next 365 days!

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