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Dora and I have almost 50 years invested into the Personal Training industry. I have been a Personal trainer for 27 years now I'm 45. My wife Dora has been a trainer for 20 years! We have been maried for 14 years and we have 3 kids. We run our private personal training studio right out of our home down on Burlington Lakeshore.

My name is John dePass and my whole life has revolved around fitness. I studied Kiniesiology at Mcmaster in the 1990's. I was a professional bodybuilder until I was about 30 years old. Now I'm 45. I'm a Professional trainer here in Burlington phys-ed Teach at a Montesori and the owner of Hi-End Fitness along with my wife Dora dePass.

Dora is physically fit mother of 3 who runs 10k each day. She is a raw food vegan who really believes that food, exercise and motivation is enough to heal any aspect of your life.

Dora and I have continued our growth and development in our industry our entire carreers. That's what it takes to become the best training duo in the GTA! We learned the hard way. We've tried all the diets, gimics, potions, pills, fat-burners, vitamins, powders and different style exercise programs in order to create our very own Hi-End Fitness Nutrition and Wellness Personal Training Program. Take all the guess work out of your new fitness and wellness lifestyle. Get yourself around a couple of professional coaches.

We believe successful personal trainers have to walk the walk. It really needs to become your lifestyle if you want to be successful. That means you need to love it and it needs to be sustainable. It must fit into your life if you intend to keep it up for the rest of your life. Let Dora and I teach you how to be successful with your health and fitness goals this year!

Gosia is a mother of two! She works out 4+ times each week for 30 minutes. She lost 19 pounds in her first 8 weeks!

Professional Personal Trainers in Burlington

Most Personal Trainers in Burlington are using old school bodybuilding ideas and mentality. While this may be great for people in high school, and maybe in the 20's once you get over 30 or 35 years of age you really need to get into a lifestyle program. You certainly don't want to lose the weight and gain it all back again do you?

A successful trainer needs to get up to date on what true health an wellness is. True health and wellness is really our nature. Our bodies really heal themselves. They always have. Dora and I realize that true health is what will be most visible as soon as we remove any obstructions we have in our minds, in our nutrition, in our bodies or in our lives. We see the person and the program from a holistic point of view. If we want your body to return to it's most natural strength and vigor we understand that we must return you to your most natural behavior and condition. All things created by God are Alkaline and electric. We realize that your most healthy personal training program must be followed up with your ideal nutrition plan.

We know you need a plan that is sustainable. That's why we make our workouts full body and functional. Rather than the old school bodybuilding style workouts. After all our clients don't really want to be bodybuilders. Our clients are looking to get their energy back. They want to lose weight as fast as they can. They want to tone up and slim down. They want to be happy and healthy for their families.

We recognize the importance of focusing on your core and work your entire body as a functional unit. This is how your body works in reality. Our training program has to be in allignment with nature. If we don't use it we will lose it! As we age our exercise program has to evolve along with us. Our Personal training program needs to stimulate the metabolic hormones to restore our most healthy state.

We know that your daily energy and enthusiam will be totally affected by the combination of what you eat, what you think and what you do. You need an organized system. You need some mature trainers to help you work through it stay motivated and held accountable.

The wonderful part about having a coach is having a personal trainer that has a bigger picture. A professional realizes that the way you are thinking, feeling and performing in your own mind your personal opinion of yourself, you relationships, your carreer, your finances and your future affect your energy and motivation. Your best Personal Trainers in Burlington know that helping you anchor your exercise and nutrtion into your lifestyle is exactly what you need to be successful long-term.

Use a High Intensity workout style to maximize the fat-burning in minimal time. Train privately, semi privately or in a small group fashion. Save money by sharing your exercise time. Get the motivation and inspriattion that having a couple workout partners provides. Fall in love with your fitness program again!

Scott works out 2 days a week with us first thing in the morning before work. He works out 2 days on his own also. He lost 18 pound in his first 6 weeks!

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